The senseless killing of a rare white buffalo calf, unconscionable to say the least, has left many to wonder, “Why”. Could this be yet another malicious hate crime? An injustice directed at an otherwise peaceful people who continue to this present day to cherish the prophecy that has been handed down to them, their elders, over many generations?

Or will the truth prove to be far less startling? Could it be a simple theft – not that theft is ever simple. Someone, possibly acting alone, probably not, seeing a prized possession, priceless really, made the decision to take it, because they wanted to, with no regard to what the loss would mean to the owner or a people; greed, selfishness – plain and simple.

The motive may not matter much to those who now find themselves grieving their loss. You see, the apparition of a white buffalo calf – possibly once in a lifetime – and for the Lakota people, its untimely death, devastating. A shattered dream of a world of peace and harmony, this 2,000 year-old apparition was a promise of hope.

The story caught the world’s attention – for a moment. That attention may well turn out to be the healing thread – the silver lining in an otherwise dark cloud.

The Lakota prophecy goes that the birth of a white buffalo would be a sign that the time had come for the world to be purified – harmony, balance, respect among people and respect for the earth. A white man would come, born to white parents in the heart of America – Oklahoma, the last of established lands.

Unbeknownst to the Lakota and most of the world for that matter, the white man, known as the Great White Buffalo is alive today. Born in 1934, to parents who would name him Buffalo Bill because an older son – only a year old at the time, yet unable to speak, called out this name as clear as could be. This seemed to be a sign to this Oklahoma family that their newly born son would have a specific purpose to fulfill in his lifetime.

True to that purpose, Buffalo Bill became the man Yisrayl in fulfillment of a series of biblical prophecies. These same prophecies speak of a man who would one day establish a work that would bring peace to a war torn world. Hidden in a name until a certain time in history, Yisrayl, the Great White Buffalo actively promotes peace today by teaching the moral laws of peace, established in the beginning by Yahweh, The Creator of all Life.

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